The Zanzibar Butterfly Centre (ZBC) is a tourist attraction in Zanzibar. Approximately 400-600 butterflies live in a richly vegetated aviary, about 30 x 20 m tall. The butterflies are all native to Zanzibar. It is a project of sustainable tourism, because the revenue generated from entrance fees give the local population in the vicinity of the butterfly center an alternative and environmentally friendly source of income, contributing to poverty alleviation in the region of Pete. Since the butterflies only live for a few weeks, the center has constant need for new butterflies and these are reared by the villagers and then sold to the center. Regularly, the villagers are accompanied by a biologist specialised in butterfly breeding and trained in other environmental issues. In addition to the free-flight aviary, tourists and the local population are also shown an interactive exhibition about the life of butterflies.